Video 19: BGP – The concepts (Part 1)

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The Facts about BGP

BGP runs on top of TCP (port 179)
TCP used for reliability
Updates (of course) are incremental and triggered
Metric is the biggest you have ever seen
Slowest routing protocol on the planet to converge

Styles of BGP implementations

Default route only
Partial Updates
Full Updates

BGP Routing Algorithms

– BGP is technically a distance vector protocl, but most call it a path vector protocol

– Without tuning, BGP behaves just like RIP

BGP Packets and tables


Open:  Starts the session

Keepalive:  making sure it is alive

Update: Network reachability exchanges

Notification:  Something bad has happneded; close session


– Neighbor table: Connected BGP friends
– BGP table: A list of all BGP routes
– Routing table: A list of the best routes


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