Video 8: EIGRP – Best Pratices and Design Option

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————- Verifying EIGRP

debug eigrp packets – All communication being done by EIGRP

debug eigrp packets query reply – checking for query and reply packets

————- Understanding the EIGRP Query Process

Query messages will be sent to all the interface except for the one which was learned.

Stuck in active

when router is waiting for replies and this will rop all the neighbors in order to reset the neighborship


1. Summary routes

2. Stub configuration

router eigrp 1

eigrp stub [connected and summary] *

*connected and summary: only conencted interfaces and summary routes

receive-only: receive updates but will nto send updates

Static: only advertise static routes in the stub router only on redistribution

————– Shutdown

12.3 (t) Gracefull shutdown

All the K values are set to 255 and there is a K values mismatch with this the router will not wait for the hold time and will look for backup routes. (goodbye message)


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