Video 10 – OSPF Concept part 2

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OSPF`s Cost

Cost = 100/ bandwidth-in-mbps

Commom Costs:

56k – 1785

64k – 1562

T1 – 65

E1 – 48

Ethernet – 10

FastEth – 1

– OSPF does not keep backup route.

– OSPF metric is the cost.

Understanding the DR and BDR

– One router will be elected as Designated router and another backup designated router in a (shared segment) BROADCAST network.

– Muticast sent to only RD and BDR listens to it

– DR and DBR is elected based on ROUTER PRIORITY

– no DR and DBR will remain in 2-WAY State

Flurry of OSPF Packets Types

– Hello

– Database Description (DBD)

– Link-State Request (LSR)

– Link-State Advertisement (LSA) Updates for a specific route

– Link-State Update (LSU)

– Link-State Acknowledgement (LSACK)


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