Video 3 – Network Design and Documentation

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Network Design and Documentation

Steps in planning:

1) Identifies needs
2) Plans the solution
3) Implements solution
4) Documents Solution


Planning as a personality characteristic
Maturity leads to planning
Find a template that works for you:

  • Cisco Network Lifecycle -PPDIOO (Review)
  • Microsoft Project / Excel
  • IT Infrastructure Libary (ITIL)

Create the implementation Plan
Follow the implementation Plan

Basic Planning Phases:

Phase 1 : Necessary Information / Data

Accurate Network Diagram
IP Address Diagram / Spreadsheet
Configuration Commands
Hardware Required
Equipment List
Link Utilization
Relevant Contact information (Cisco TAC, Local SP, Consultants)

Phase 2: Implementation Plan
Identify devices and tasks (check list)
List necessary software version
List configuration
Verification and testing

Phase 3: Documentation

Network diagram/ information
Network Equipment
Current configurations
Known issues
Network performance baseline
Verification commands and results
Monitoring and management utilities
Photograps and Screencaps

* Documentation must become who you are
* Documentation is a depreciating asset


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