Network Plannning

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Approaches to create Implementation plan:

1) Ad hoc approach
– Without planning any of the tasks

2) Structured approach
The network engineer identifies the need for a network upgrade
starts with planning as the first step
 –The Cisco life-cycle Services 
 IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
 The Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security  (FCAPS) model
  The Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) model
After the requirements, models, and tools have been defined and collected, the implementation plan can be created.

Creating an Implementation Plan (based on PPDIOO model)

Step 1. Identify customer requirements.
Step 2.  Characterize the existing network and sites. ( Existing environment)
Step 3.  Design the network topology and solutions.

Implementation process is executed

Step 1. Plan the implementation
Step 2. Implement and verify the design
Step 3. Monitor and optionally redesign (request for changes)

– Before implementing is important to collect and put together All the information about your network such as IP Address scheme, network blue-prints as well dependencies that might be affected from a bad implementation, people who will perform the activities, schedules, contacts information in order during executing all the information in handy.

The following steps are completed during creation and execution of an implementation plan:
• Planning the implementation
• Selecting the tools and resources required
• Coordinating work with specialists
• Verifying the implementation
• Interpreting performance results
• Documenting the baseline, performance, and recommendations
The tasks in a site-specific implementation plan may include the following:
• Identifying applications and devices to be implemented
• Creating installation tasks and checklists
• Defining device configuration and software requirements
• Creating site-specific device configurations, installation tasks, and checklists
• Creating installation verification tests


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